Raft Wars Unblocked

In the cute and loveable game, Raft Wars Unblocked, you meet two adorable children – one of which has made a very big discovery, a solid gold nugget worth $10 million! Now, you must defend yourself and your newfound riches, with the help of your brother, against enemy pirates that are trying to steal your loot!

How to Play

This game is quite simple and is playable by any age or skill level. To play the game, you only need to use your mouse to point and click.

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Play Now

Aim the tennis ball, or other ammunition, at the pirates in the enemy ships by moving your mouse into the position you need your cannon to shoot, then click the left mouse button to shoot the ammo and knock those pesky, loot-stealing pirates to their watery doom.


You begin the game with only a basic cannon, with your cannon ammunition being a tennis ball. Progress through each level to earn in-game coins that you can later use to purchase upgraded ammunition, such as hand grenades and rockets.



At the start of the game, you and your brother are equipped with single-user rafts. As you earn additional coins by completing levels and killing pirates, you can upgrade your raft to something more durable and sturdy to allow you to take more damage without fear of drowning.

Unblocked Mode

While this game has been around for a few years, many players have complained that they are unable to access the game from their computers at school or work. Raft Wars is now available in an unblocked version, so players can play from any computer, anywhere, anytime! Enjoy, and remember to share the game with your friends!