Raft Wars 4

Raft Wars 4: Good Flash Game among many Others

Raft Wars 4 is one of those simple games that should be able to keep you occupied for a few minutes. While gaming as a whole tends to move towards more serious fare being that most games tend to last many hours, it is still fun to pick up a game that doesn’t need you to be pasted on desktop PC. If a game is fun, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a long romp through a fictional universe. So, in that respect, here is Raft Wars, among other great flash game titles.


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This title, while emulating many other game styles before it, is one that will probably stay with you for as long as you want to play it. The game has multiple iterations, all of which enhance the original’s gameplay even more than the one before it. You play as two stranded children who have to defend a treasure that they managed to find. The simple premise acts as a prelude to a fairly simple game involving turn-by-turn defense of your ships. If aim and hit correctly, you will either take down individual targets through health damage or through pushing them off their respective ships. At the same time, another win condition is through the destruction of the other ship, but that method takes too much time to achieve. Overall, a short review would tell you that the game is very fun, boasting simplistic visuals that are sort of reminiscent of the South Park series. The gameplay remains solid, requiring only the use of your mouse as a control. On top of that, it is one of those simple games that you can pick up anytime you want because it is free.


Another decent flash game that deserves a look is Castle Crashers. If you’ve ever heard of the title, then you might have heard that it made a debut on consoles through the PSN and Xbox Live. Of course, there are still versions of the game that are online and still free to play. While they aren’t the original versions that act more like spinoffs in that they are shorter and much easier to complete. This little hack and slash game has very addictive gameplay and has very bright and cartoon-y visuals.



The Last Stand, which is free to play, is a zombie survival game that takes a unique twist on this genre. Instead of being concentrated on action, it instead emulates tactics in the form of resource management. You have your weapons, your food supplies to get you out of town, and you have the day. In the daytime you are tasked with collecting all of these resources, and will be required to save as many survivors as you can. The whole game really takes a new spin on the Zombie themed titles and it can last you a few minutes with each sequel it has.


There you have, a very short list of flash games you might want to check out for the fun of it. All three of these titles are free if you find the right place to play them. At the same time, they also show off a different batch of game mechanics, which can tease the brain in different ways. Make sure to look up Rafts Wars for a simple fix of tactical shooting.