The Raft Wars 3 Game

No matter what happens and regardless of how stressful life gets, games are always there to alleviate some of the stress. Of course, for hardcore gamers some of the stress in their lives can be attributed to games themselves. For others, games remain a medium where you can simply have fun so that is where the Raft Wars 3 game fits in. As a smaller title, it is fun and breezy; needing a minimal amount of your attention while providing ample amounts of challenge so you don’t just end it all too quickly. Of course, like most games, it has its pros and cons.

The Pros of Raft Wars

Like most other titles that are centered on fun, this title has a simple premise, along with a simple gameplay style. The main object of the game is to take down every enemy on a ship. More or less, it is a side-view shooter, with a small variety of weapons and ammo with which you can defend yourself. At the same time, it emulates the core mechanic of games like Angry Birds and Worms, where you must aim with the mouse. The standard ammo is a batch of tennis balls that are destroyed when they hit their targets. Once each match is done, you are treated to a cash prize that can be used to purchase additional ammo types like rockets and grenades. These two have a wider kind of damage and will have devastating effects on enemies. At the same time, however, buying new ammo types is expensive and might prevent you from upgrading your ship. The ship’s upgrade are also expansive, since you start with a small raft it is suggested that you upgrade your gear immediately. Lastly, when you hit an enemy, there is a chance that you will push them overboard, which causes instant death.


From this, you might be able to see that this game does have a varying amount of challenge. While a lot of the hardship in the game is diminished by accuracy, it is compounded again through the points system. If you do badly, you will have fewer points at the end of each round. Overall, this makes the game a much more fun experience, but along with come a few problems.


The Cons

Probably the most major issue with the game is that it will only last a few minutes, even for the most inexperienced players. Since it has only ten levels with very similar challenges, it can be a bit repetitive. However, this is also the reason why it is a great game for burst playthroughs. At the same time, the game also uses a tried and proven game style, which is easy enough to pick up. The only issue is that other games have perfected this kind of gameplay, so it really isn’t anything new. However, that does not stop it from being worthy enough to check out, it’s free and easy to find online.  So despite its minor flaw, you can still have a ton of fun with this game.