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Simon has hit the jackpot. While digging sand on the beach, he finds gold and diamonds amounting to 10 million Dollars. This discovery led to news spreading like wildfire and people from all over trying to claim the loot as theirs. Simon and his brother have to protect their find and battle it out against hordes of enemies when you play Raft Wars. This is a free online game provided by Miniclip, one of the leading developers of various fun games on the Internet.

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Raft Wars, as the title suggests, will have you battle enemies using your raft in turn-based shots. What makes this game exciting is the thrill factor. When you make shots against your enemies, you will not be able to see them. What you can only do is rely on your instincts when it comes to the strength and angle of your shots. Your enemies come in one shape but are very different characters. You will battle your neighbours, pirates, Vikings and even crazy people that are on rafts!

Do not despair, though. You will be able to upgrade your raft to be able to take more hits. In addition, you can also purchase rockets and grenades with points you will receive upon completing a level! Have fun with war!