Play Raft Wars 2

This game is like a comic combination between sneaking skills, action, a bit of strategy and cuteness.

This game is the sequel of the original Raft Wars game that was released on the internet a few years ago.

It is not a difficult game, but also it is not too easy. Still, the point is that you will have part of a lot of fun playing it.


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As it was mentioned above the game is the continuation of the first one. However, in this one the main character is the little Simon who has a brother. They both have been gone into a trip and when they return their surprise will be an immense one. This is because the place where they had hidden their treasure was occupied by a water park.

Considering that they’ve worked pretty hard to gather that treasure, they will not give up until they sneak into the park and retrieve what belongs to them. Here is when you will come in to action. You are the one that will help these brothers to take back safely their treasure. This is another funny adventure of the two brothers that will be extremely enjoyed by the players.

Plot of Raft Wars 2

The entire action of the game is taking place on water rafts. When you will manage to sneak into the water park you will have to start helping Simon in his mission. Helping means that you will have to start shooting different things in the park. Your ammo will consist from tennis balls, some bombs and many other crazy things that will turn the game into an entertaining one.




Everything is done with the help of the mouse. You will choose a target and hit. Don’t think that it will be extremely easy because it will not be. It will take you a while until you will be able to hit the target that you want. The trajectory is displayed on the screen through some grey bullets and the trajectory that is made by you is showed through some red bullets. If you have precise you will be capable to hit the target. So, in a way or another game have some simple rules: aim using the mouse, choose the trajectory using the mouse and shoot toward the target clicking the mouse.

You can also get into some situations where are hit some obstacles and not enemies. Those obstacles are meant to offer to the game an air of realism and you can say originality. If you want to upgrade in levels you must defeat all those that are standing in the path of Simon. This way you will win points that will help you to advance further in the game.



Once you start advancing in the game you will see that the levels become more difficult. However, this thing should not be an obstacle in your honorable mission. So, to help you a bit the game will provide you with new and powerful ammo when you are deeper in the game, but also you will receive new rafts and new allies that will help you finish the mission. These allies can also be used, even if it is a bit rude, as shields. Think that the opponents will not just sit there waiting for you to finish them all, but they will also fight back. It comes in handy to have some allies that will put their bodies as shields to protect you.


Raft Wars 2 is a cute and funny game. It is almost similar to the first part as plot and graphic, but you will find it a bit more difficult and enjoyable. Have fun!