Raft Wars 3

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Raft Wars is very simple yet addicting game. While games have grown in theme, look, and idea, there are still titles like this one, that strive for the old school formula, you know, the games that are really centered on the fun of it all.

Raft Wars 3 will bring the fun, and it maintains a silly enough premise to keep you interested for a few minutes out of the day.


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Of course, the game does have its faults, and you’ll find yourself done with the whole thing in less time than it takes to get through whole intro levels in more serious endeavors. However, the whole game is quite endearing and short enough so that if you want to try it again, you can.

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The feel and theme of the game

To warm you up towards the game, a few cutscenes appear at the very beginning of the game, telling you just what you need to know about Raft Wars. One day, on the beach, a little baby finds a treasure in the form of diamonds. Word gets around that the baby has treasure, and now pirates want to take it all away. The task of defending the baby is totally up to you, the older brother along with the help of a few weapons like tennis balls, grenades, and rockets. That’s about it for the storyline, and cohesion doesn’t really play a big part. Instead, a lot of the gameplay has to do with how well you manage your ammo and crewmembers. While the aim is still to take out all the enemies, the less people you have and the more ammo you waste means a worse score for you.

The game’s aesthetics and design are a little more playful, being very reminiscent of the South Park series in look. It’s very bright and each of the levels has a specific theme attached to each of them. Some of the levels, where you fight a specific enemy, are tailor themed to that class of enemy. The Vikings get a more rustic feel to how they look and pirates get huge ships. Overall, the game is pretty to look at, and it’s harmless enough so that anyone who can manage the mouse can play it.

Who the game appeals to

One of the biggest draws to this game is that it’s very approachable. That means you can introduce it to your kids since it doesn’t really have any violent themes attached to it. On top of that, the controls are mainly focused on the mouse, and most of the selection is done through clicks. Of course, the game does suffer one fatal flaw and that is through its extremely short length. Those ten levels, when played by an amateur, might only last all of 15 minutes. However, if you still want a dose of nautical fun, all you have to do is to look for the many sequels it has spawned.